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Manai Adi Sasthiram | Ideal Length Width for House / Building Construction

Manai Adi Sasthiram / Vasthu Sasthra for Building Constructions

Lenghth / Width (நீளம் / அகலம்) Feet (அடி) Benifits (பலன்கள்)
6 Feet Good things follow
8 Feet There is great pleasure and Wealth
10 Feet Blessed Life, Live with Sheep and cow
16 Feet There is great wealth
17 Feet Blessings like a King
20 Feet Get Royal Wealth, Benift and respect
21 Feet Belessings along with Cows
27 Feet Live with great wealth and respect
28 Feet Bless with Wealth and goddess
30 Feet Live with Lakshmi Goddess Blessings
32 Feet Long live with God Vishnu Blessings
35 Feet Lakshmi Goddess Blessings
36 Feet Power to Rule the King
41 Feet There is Pleasure and wealth
42 Feet Godess Lakshmi resides
45 Feet Heir wWith Good habits / Activities
50 Feet Blessed with Dairy cows

Benifits of Manai Adi Sasthiram

Manai Adi Sasthiram gives a set of rules to construct a house. Manai adi sasthiram is the defined rules that are framed by our ancestors. It is a traditional system of architecture followed by Hindus. Manai Adi Sasthiram is the word derived from sanskrit. ‘Manai’ means house and ‘shastram’ means set of rules or principle. Manai Adi Shasthiram is also referred to as science of architecture.

Manai adi sashthiram gives the principle for ideal length,breadth and width of every room. It also gives the ideal design, layout and spatial geometry of every room. Manai adi shasthiram is applicable to each and every room in the house and also followed for towns, temples, shops and so on.

Mana adi sashthiram is calculated based on science and nature. Compatibility of occupant’s birth star with specific geometry of house is calculated by vasthu porutham. Vasthu porutham is also known as ‘ayadi kanitham’ and ‘ayadi calculations’.

It may be difficult to follow all the rules, but some rules are mandatory to follow. Our ancestor framed all these rules based on science, nature and their experience. In olden days, manai adi sasthiram is followed to built almost all places in order to protect people from natural disaster. Manai adi sashthiram ensures good health, wealth and peace for the occupant of the house.

Vaasthu Sasthiram is traditionally believed and followed for many years while constructing any residential building / office building or any other construction. Vaasthu sasthiram not only give the measurement of construction, but also ideal location of each activity in home / office. For example Vasthu Sasthiram identifies the kitchen location, house entry location, Toilet location etc based on the Manai Adi Sasthiram or Vasthu Sasthiram. Similarly for Office / Business building, location of machine, location of Cashier, location of entry exit direction, Direction of Seating is identified using vasthu Sasthiram.

Measurements of Land and Construction as per Manai Adi Sasthiram

If the Construction length or width is 6 feet, then Good things will follow soon in your home, if the construction measurement is 8 feet, there is great pleasure and wealth in your live being as per MAnai Adi Vasthu Sasthiram. If the measurement is 10 feet, you’ll have blessed life with sheep and Cows, if the measurement is 16 fee, then there will be great amount of wealth as per Manai Adi Sasthiram. If the measurement is 17 feet, you will be Blessed like a king and for 20 feet, Get Royal Wealth, benefit and respect in your life and for 21 feet, Blessings assured along with Cows, for 27 feet measurement, you will live with great wealth and respect.

As per calculation if the building length or width is 28 feet, you will be blessed with wealth and will have Goddess support always, for 30 feet measurement, you will live with Lakshmi Goddess blessings, for 32 feet measurement, you live long with God Vishnu blessings, and for 35 feet measurement Lakshmi Goddess blessings. If the length or width is 36 feet, You’ll live like a king and will have all the power, if the measurement is 41 feet, there is pleasure and wealth in the family. If the length or width is 42 feet, Goddess Lakshmi resides inside the building / house as per Manai adi Sasthiram. As per measurement chart, If it reaches 50 feet you’ll be blessed with dairy Cows as per Vasthu sasthiram / Manai adi Sasthiram.

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