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Christians Festival Calendar 2020

Year Month date Day Festival
2020 January 1 Wednesday New Year
2020 March 22 Sunday Mothering Sunday
2020 April 5 Sunday Palm Sunday
2020 April 10 Friday Good Friday
2020 April 12 Sunday Easter Day?(Western)
2020 April 19 Sunday Easter Day (Orthodox)
2020 October 31 Saturday Halloween
2020 November 30 Monday St. Andrews Day
2020 December 8 Tuesday Feast of the Immaculate Conception
2020 December 10 Thursday Hanukkah
2020 December 25 Friday Christmas

Christians Festival Calendar 2020

We have listed down the important Christian festivals worshiped in India as per Christians Religious Calendar. It also marks the holidays along with Christians festivals. Christians in India celebrates almost every Christians festivals celebrated across the Europe and world. So we have designed the Christians festivals calendar inline with the same.

Christians major festivals list are New Year, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Madha Birthday, Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year Eve. Most of the Festivals are declared holidays based on the local state government holidays policy. In our Christians Festivals Calendar, Government holidays lists are marked against each day in Christians festival calendar.

But in Few Countries, Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday is celebrated with or with out government holidays but there are no holidays in Indian Christians Calendar. Similarly all Saints day and all Souls day celebrated without holidays.

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